Workshop on Travel Photography

A four-day workshop on Travel Photography was conducted between 9th and 12th December 2022 at the Institute premises. Ryan D’Souza a UK based travel photographer who has published his works in leading magazines of the world, the most recent being a travelogue in the Vogue, was the resource person. The objectives of the Workshop were:

  • To get a deeper understanding of the Visual Language
  • Understand behind the scenes workings of Travel photography assignments
  • Come up with photographs that reveal the photographer’s impression of a destination
The Workshop began with students being shown videos of some of the best Travel Photographers in the world. They were then asked to make a presentation of their favourite photographer using five of his/her best shots, explaining what they like in these pictures. They were to come up with a Moodboard using 10 pictures of the kind of travel photography they love. After two days of classroom discussions and screenings, the practical assignment was to create a Photo Essay of the Surf Culture in South Kanara, location being Mantra Surf Club, Mulky. Students were at the Surf Club at 7.15 AM on Sunday 11th December and after a quick briefing session by the resource person were taken on a boat ride to capture pictures of surfers and surfing activities. On the last day of the Workshop, students were to present Individual Photo Essays of the morning spent at the Surf Club and also present a Group Essay of 12 Images.