Workshop on Photography, Video Editing

Five-Day Workshops on Photography, Video Editing and Radio Jockeying (RJ)

Three five-day workshops, on Photography, Video Editing and Radio Jockeying (RJ) were conducted at the NICO campus from Tuesday, 27th June, to Saturday 1st July 2017. They were open to participants above 16 years of age.

Workshop on Photography

Aimed at beginners and intermediate photographers alike, the workshop focused on learning the basics of photography like composition, lighting and colour. Participants were exposed to portrait photography, food photography, travel photography and product photography among others. Sessions included understanding photography through world-famous photographs and practical sessions where students were given a theme and had to shoot pictures accordingly.

The basics of Adobe Photoshop and photo-editing were also taught. The workshop was conducted by Prof Raviraj, Head - Nitte Institute of Communication.

Workshop on Video Editing

Designed to prepare participants to make a movie by teaching them how to collect digital videos, edit both video and audio files on a computer and upload them on to the internet, the Workshop also had sessions on multi-camera editing and short-film editing.

The video-editing workshop was conducted by Rahul Ganesh, Filmmaker and Faculty, Nitte Institute of Communication.

Workshop on Radio Jockeying

Taught participants to design, script and host their own radio show, with special emphasis on voice modulation and presentation and also on hands-on usage of all technical equipment needed for recording. Participants presented a final radio package at the end of the session. The workshop was conducted by Wilma Serrao, Asst Professor at Nitte Institute of Communication.

Certificates were awarded to all candidates on completion of the Workshops.