Mask-making Workshop

A three-day workshop on Mask-Making was organised by Nitte Institute of Communication for students of Theatre Production (BA III Semester) from 19th to 21st December 2022. Praveen Kumar, a graduate of the National School of Drama and Obayya, a graduate of CAVA were the resource persons. On the first day students made the model of the mask using clay under the guidance of the resource persons. Plaster of Paris was then poured into it and this was allowed to set. Once this was set, the PoP mask was carefully removed from the mould.

On the second and third days, students began pasting paper inside the mould, using glue in the first two layers and water from the third layer onwards. A total of fifteen layers of paper was pasted inside the mould and it was left to dry for one full day. Once this had dried completely, the mask was gently removed from the mould. Finally this casting as it is called, was painted by students in colours of their choice.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Tapaswi H M, Course Coordinator.