Research is also an important component of the Documentary Films that students work on. A specific amount of time is allotted for research by the faculty, prior to the actual filming of the documentary. While students are introduced to Media Research and its relevance as part of their curriculum, they are also encouraged to avail of the Nitte University Short Term Undergraduate Fellowship Award which is open to all undergraduate students with an interest in research.

Ongoing Projects (Faculty)

Faculty Title of the Project
Dr. Anisha “Media literacy Education (MLE) and pedagogy: Exploring the scope and its importance in formal education in schools”
Dr Nesara Kadanakuppe “Role of media and medical professionals during public health crisis: A case study of Covid-19 crisis management in Dakshina Kannada district”
Dr Tapaswi H M “Understanding the Digital Data Consumption via Netflix by Young Adults in Mangaluru. A Study”

Ongoing Projects (Student)

Student Investigator Faculty Guide Title of the Project
Mr. Adithya Rai Dr. Anisha The study of the rise of memes as a marketing tool in Higher education
Ms. Ameya Das Dr. Anisha Representation of Queerness in Media: The Effect of Gender Roles and Identity in LGBTQ+ Spaces
Mr. Aswin Prakash Dr. Anisha Taste Makers of the Internet Investigating the Role of Food Bloggers on Social Media
Ms. Breanne Banze Dr. Anisha A discourse analysis on lyrics of Bollywood item songs
Ms. Eshika Hegde Dr. Anisha Role of music on academic performance in students
Ms. Hanushya S Dr. Anisha Exploring the emotional and psychological effects of male sexual abuse: a critical analysis based on media representation
Ms. Malavika B Nair Dr. Anisha Politicization of Media: A study on the ownership and agenda setting by news channels
Ms. Nimisha Kini Dr. Anisha The Psychological Impact of Horror Films among Moviegoers
Ms. Pranamya Shetty Dr. Anisha The Evolution and Influence of the Femme Fatale Archetype in Early Indian Cinema. A systematic study.
Mr. Rikku Thomas Dr. Anisha OTT vs cinema theater: the changing landscape and consumption and preferences among viewers
Ms. Roshni Furtal Dr. Anisha A study on Artificial Intelligence and its uses among students in academics
Mr. Srinivas T V Dr. Anisha Behind the Tweets and Posts: Unraveling Social Media's Impact on Celebrity Crisis Resolution
Ms. Vebha Shah Dsouza Dr. Anisha Social Media & Skincare trends: A Case Study on Influencer Marketing and its Impact Post Covid-19