Workshop on Lighting in Theatre

Dec 6, 2023

Nitte Institute of Communication organized a highly informative and engaging Theatre Lighting Workshop in association with St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, on 6th December 2023. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Christopher D'souza, an expert in the field of theatrical lighting, and it aimed to provide students with an understanding of the various types of lights used in theatre performances, as well as practical knowledge on operating dimmers and achieving specific lighting effects.

Workshop Highlights:
Introduction to Theatre Lighting: Mr. Christopher D'Souza began the workshop with a comprehensive introduction to the world of theatre lighting. He explained the importance of lighting in theatrical productions, how it sets the mood and enhances the overall experience for the audience.

Types of Lights: Students were introduced to different types of lights commonly used in theatre, including floodlights, spotlights, Fresnel's and PAR lights. Each type was discussed in terms of its specific characteristics and best applications in a theatrical context.

Operating Dimmers: The workshop included a practical session on operating dimmer switches, which are essential tools for controlling the intensity of light. Students were given hands-on experience with dimmer controls, learning how to create gradual changes in brightness during a performance.

Lighting Effects: Various lighting effects and their impact on the mood of a scene, were demonstrated. Techniques such as backlighting, front lighting, and cross-lighting were discussed, explaining how each can be used to emphasize characters, create dramatic moments, or establish a particular ambience.

Practical Demonstration: To reinforce the concepts learned, students were given the opportunity to operate some of the lights themselves. This practical session allowed them to apply their knowledge, experiment with different lighting setups, and witness firsthand how lighting can transform a scene.

The workshop concluded with an interactive session, where students could seek clarifications and gather further insights from the resource person.

The workshop was a valuable educational experience for students interested in the technical aspects of theatre production. Mr. Christopher D'Souza's expertise and practical demonstrations enabled participants to gain a deeper understanding of the art of lighting in theatre. The knowledge and skills acquired during the workshop will undoubtedly prove beneficial to those interested in pursuing careers in theatre and related fields.

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