Alumni Interaction with Rahul Jothi

Dec 5, 2022

An interactive session with alumni Rahul Jothi, (BA JMC 2020), Art Director, TechWave, Hyderabad was held at Nitte Institute of Communication premises on 5th December 2022. 

Speaking to students of final BA, Rahul spoke about working in advertising, brand planning and coming up with creative communication strategies. He stressed upon the importance of working on a portfolio while still in college. Having a good portfolio is the first step towards preparing for the real world, he said. 

He shared with students his memories of NICO and urged them to make the best use of the facilities that the college provides. He spoke of how he and his classmates would regularly participate in student film festivals and what an amazing learning process that turned out to be. The interactive session ended with a vibrant Question and Answer session.