Trekking Expedition

May 18, 2024

The Green Paths Initiative, organized by Ni-Eco, the Environment Club of NICO, in collaboration with the NSS Unit of NICO on 18th May 2024 saw 30 enthusiastic participants embarking on a trek near Berkala falls, Hebri Taluk. Led by educator & environmentalist Ram Ajekar, under the guidance of Venu Vinod, the trek provided an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in nature and learn about biodiversity and conservation efforts.

The initiative saw active participation from students of I year BA as this exercise was a part of their studies in Environment and Development Communication.

During the trek, participants interacted with forest dweller Bojanna Gowda, gaining insights into local customs, cultures and ways of life. Additionally, guide & trekker Ram Ajekar shared enlightening perspectives on the Western Ghats, helping students understand the region's ecological significance.

Through tree plantation exercises and discussions, students not only gained insights into environmental issues but also cultivated a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The event, organised by Faculty Coordinator, Dr Anisha Nishanth, served as a testament to the power of experiential learning.

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