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NIFF - Nitte International Film Festival 2017

The first ever Nitte International Film Festival was held in Mangaluru from April 24th to 27th 2017. This annual event aims to bring the best films and filmmakers to the citizens of the multicultural city of Mangaluru, completely free of cost. The Nitte International Film Festival (NIFF) is organised by students of Nitte Institute of Communication, a constituent college of Nitte Deemed-to-be-University.

Coastal Karnataka has a rich literary and cultural tradition and has made a name for itself for being a vibrant, multilingual and multicultural part of India. The Nitte International Film Festival (NIFF) aims to bring award winning and critically acclaimed cinema from across the world to Mangaluru. NIFF also wants to cultivate an audience that appreciates and encourages good cinema, in coastal Karnataka. Team NIFF hopes to make it a looked-forward-to event in the calendar of all cinephiles in the city of Mangaluru.

Apart from the free screenings of all films, workshops and interactive sessions on topics such as script writing, screenplay and film criticism will be conducted by award winning directors, writers and actors from across the country.

About the first Nitte International Film Festival

The first edition of the Nitte International Film Festival saw an estimated 10,000 people patronise good cinema over a span of four days. Held between April 24th and 27th 2017, the inaugural generated favourable media coverage and immense goodwill among the cinegoers of Mangaluru.

More than 50 films were screened including multiple national and state award winners. It was inaugurated by award winning Marathi film director Sunil Sukthankar, whose film Kaasav (National Award for Best Film, 2017) was also the opening film. The four day event closed with Lijo Jose Pelisserry's Malayalam hit, Angamaly Diaries.

Some of the movies screened at NIFF, Edition 1 :

  • Kannada:
    1. Reservation by Nikhil Manjoo (National Award Winner)
    2. Railway Children by PruthviKonanur (Karnataka State Award Winner)
    3. Zero Made in India by Giridev Hassan
    4. Harivu by Mansore (National Award Winner)
    5. Amaraavati by B M Giriraj (Karnataka State Award Winner)
    6. Jatta by B M Giriraj
    7. Kahi by Arvind Sastry (Karnataka State Award Winner)
    8. Harivu by Mansore (National Award Winner)
    9. HarikathaPrasanga by AnanyaKasarvalli (Best Kannada film at BIFFES)
  • Tulu:
    1. Madipu by Chetan Mundadi (National Award Winner)
    2. Suddha by P N Ramachandra
  • Malayalam:
    1. Kammatipaadam by Rajeev Ravi (Kerala State Award Winner)
    2. Unto the Dusk by Sajin Babu
    3. Kaliyachan by FarookAbdulrahiman (Kerala State Award Winner)
    4. Angamaly Diaries by Lijo Jose Pellissery
  • Marathi:
    1. Kaasav by Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukthankar (National Award Winner)
    2. Ventilator by Rajesh Mapuskar (National Award Winner)
    3. Lathe Joshi by Mangesh Joshi (Winner of 2nd Best Film at BIFFES)
  • Bengali:
    1. BakitaByaktigato by Pradipta Bhattacharya (National Award Winner)
    2. Antaheen by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (National Award Winner)
      1. The Violin Player by BauddhayanMukherji
      2. Teenkahon by BauddhayanMukherji
  • Gujarati:
    1. Amdavad ma Famous by Hardik Mehta (National Award Winner)
    2. Wrong Side Raju by MikhilMusale (National Award Winner)
    3. Good Road by Gyan Arora (National Award Winner)
  • Hindi/Punjabi:
    1. Haal E Kangaal by P N Ramachandra (National Award Winner)
    2. Raman Raghav 2.0 by Anurag Kashyap
    3. Island City by Ruchika Oberoi
    4. Qissa by Anup Singh (National Award Winner)
    5. Ugly by Anurag Kashyap
    6. Masaan by NeerajGhaywan (National Award Winner)
    7. Pink by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (National Award Winner)
    8. Queen by VikasBahl (National Award Winner)
  • International Films:
    1. Soegija, Indonesia
    2. Sanctuary, Germany/Ireland
    3. 24 Weeks, Germany
    4. Red Butterfly Dream, Sri Lanka
    5. Destiny, China

Prominent film makers who participated in the film festival included:

  • Sunil Sukthankar, Marathi (National Award Winner)
  • P N Ramachandra, Hindi/Tulu (National Award Winner)
  • Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Bengali/Hindi (National Award Winner)
  • Bijaya Jena, Odia, (National Award Winner)
  • Mansore, Kannada (National Award Winner)
  • Nikhil Manjoo, Kannada (National Award Winner)
  • Mikhil Musale, Gujarati (National Award Winner)
  • Chetan Mundadi, Tulu (National Award Winner)
  • Sajin Babu, Malayalam (Kerala State Award Winner)
  • B M Giriraj, Kannada (Karnataka State Award Winner)
  • D Satyaprakash, Kannada, (Karnataka State Award Winner)
  • Prithvi Konanur, Kannada (Karnataka State Award Winner)
  • Arvind Sastry, Kannada (Karnataka State Award Winner)
  • Lijo Jose Pellissery, Malayalam
  • Giridev Hassan, Kannada
  • Mangesh Joshi, Marathi
  • Niranjan Kumar Kujur, Bengali/Khuduk
  • Medini Kelamane, Kannada
  • Raveendra Parameshwarappa, Kannada