Webinar - Harnessing Social Media for Professional Growth

Sep 26, 2020

Nitte Institute of Communication, in collaboration with Staff Development Centre, Nitte DU, organised a webinar on Harnessing Social Media for Professional Growth was held on 26th September, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. The panel included experts from the industry and academia, and was moderated by Head of Nitte Institute of Communication, Prof Raviraj.

The webinar aimed to orient faculty members, scholars and university departments to the importance of having a good online presence. The opening remarks were delivered by Dr Harsha Halahalli, Director - Curriculum Development, Nitte DU, who spoke about the psychology of media and mediated experiences.

The panellists for the webinar were Mr. Nilasish Basu, Search Ads 360 Specialist, Google; Dr Smitha S Ranganathan, Faculty Member - Digital Strategy and Contemporary Marketing, S.P.Jain School of Global Management; Mr. Nikesh Ghosh, Co-Founder, Chatveda. They spoke about the important and diverse role of social media in professional development, and touched upon how to grow one's online presence by using different social media platforms appropriately.

The discussion that ensued, fuelled by many audience questions, covered topics such as optimal use of social media, search engine optimisation, balancing social media usage and online trolling.