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Clubs & Committees

NICO offers students five different clubs and students can join any one or all of them, depending on their interests.

Nitte Film Society

The Nitte Film Society introduces students to world cinema and encourages film appreciation. The Club also focuses on understanding cinema as an art form.

Theater club

The Theater club encourages and sensitizes students with theatre movements in India and abroad. The Club stages plays, street plays, mime shows and other theatre related activities.

Photography Club

Photography Club educates students on digital photography and videography techniques. It also conducts Photography Workshops, Photo walks and Exhibitions.


Ni-Eco is the Environment Club of the Institute, which intends to create awareness about environment/agricultural issues in the locality and beyond. Ni-Eco conducts workshops, discussions, film screenings, field visits and lectures.

Literary Club

The Literary Club engages students in all forms of literature. Short story reading, poetry recitals, book reads are all part of the Club's activities. The Club aims to encourage reading and writing among students.